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Welcome to the Legacy ALPS project.

The ALPS project (Algorithms and Libraries for Physics Simulations) is an open source effort aiming at providing high-end simulation codes for strongly correlated quantum mechanical systems as well as C++ libraries for simplifying the development of such code. ALPS strives to increase software reuse in the physics community.


2022-10-21 : The ALPS project is no longer active and will remain dormant until appropriate funding can be secured form one of the funding agencies (interested in helping me out? Let us know!). You can have a look at the core libraries at [] in the mean time.


Check back regularly to read the latest news and information on the people contributing to the project.

User Forum

Go here to discuss the ALPS libraries and applications with the community of developers. This is the place to address any questions you encounter while using any codes of the ALPS project.

Papers and Talks

Go here to find papers on the ALPS project, talks from the first user workshop and a list of papers citing the ALPS project.

Download and Installation

Useful information how to install the alps libraries and applications on workstations and clusters.


How to run ALPS applications

ALPS applications
latest/v2.2b - v2.1

Using ALPS libraries for your applications
latest/v2.2b - v2.1


Documentation is available upon request.